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Electronic structure and low-temperature processes of charge transfer in metals

Based on experimental studies of quantum oscillations magnitotermoeds alloy Al-Ga establish some regularities of the dynamics of conduction electrons under magnetic breakdown: proved the coherent nature of magnetic breakdown, which leads to interference of electron waves on parallel paths open.

It is established that doping Al modified sections of the orbits on the Fermi surface and, consequently, the likelihood and nature of magnetic breakdown, determined by the ratio of atomic radii of aluminum and metal impurities. In Cu and Ag in strong magnetic fields observed quantum oscillations of the thermoelectric power, frequency and angular range of existence of which do not correlate with the extreme sections of the Fermi surface of anisotropic s-states. Given the anomalous temperature dependence of the oscillation amplitude, it is expected to participate in the transport phenomena of d-electrons, which are near the Fermi level can be partially collectivized.


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