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State Programme of NC PHEP BSU and SSPA SPMRC NASB

Scientific research (R&D) of the National Scientific and Educational Centre of Particle and High Energy Physics of the. Belarusian State University (NC PHEP BSU) and State Scientific and Production Association "Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" (SSPA SPMRC NASB) under contract № 53 - 2012 from February 22, 2012, the contract 200/1130 of  April 04, 2011 with SCST of the Republic of Belarus. R&D on the topic "Testing cryostatic systems and the microwave measurements of one-cell superconducting niobium cavity for linear electron accelerator".


The initial term of the work on the subject of the contract - March 1, 2012, deadline of the contract - 31 December 2012.

The purpose of this work is to test the system and provide cryostatic microwave measurements one-cell superconducting niobium cavity for electron linear accelerator.

The task of the project is to test system cryostating at liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, determine the volatility of cryogenic liquids in a manner that does not heat leakage volume cryostat and justification capabilities provide low-temperature superconducting microwave resonator test.

Stages of research: Further development and adaptation kriostatiruyuschey system for microwave measurements of a superconducting niobium cavity. Cryogenic providing microwave measurements niobium superconducting cavity.

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