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Anisotropy of small-angle scattering of conduction electrons in strong magnetic fields

Measurements of temperature dependences of the deviation from Matthiessen's rule (DMR) on single crystals of Al-Y and Al-Ga alloys at the change of concentration of impurities as well as  the magnitude and direction of  magnetic field revealed that:


  • The direction of strong magnetic field relative to the crystallographic orientation of the samples has a determining influence on the temperature dependence of the DMR.
  • The maximum on the DMR temperature dependences is concernedwith the competition of electron scattering mechanisms, one of which increases electron distribution function anisotropy, while the other one suppresses this anisotropy. The scattering anisotropy is revealed in the electron-phonon Umklapp processes, when electron orbits pass through the "hot spots" on the Fermi surface.
  • A negative DMR is observed in conditions of diffused electron-phonon scattering and it is associated with a small-angle character of the scattering in the areas of dynamic instability arising from the difference in the kind of vibrations of the host atoms and impurities.

Temperature dependence of the DMR of Al-Y alloys single crystals with [111] orientation in the field of 8 Т.   1 - B || [110];   2 -  B || [110] ± 12o;  3 - B || [110] ± 18o. Relationship of spatial localization of the electric charge flux and resistive properties of conducting media.


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