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Resistive properties of conducting media at a low-temperature plastic deformation

Studies of the deformation contribution to the resistivity of dilute alloys of Al-Y and Al-Ga shows the difference in temperature dependence of this quantity in a high transverse magnetic field and in his absence.

Investigation of the processes return to the plastically deformed at low temperatures, dilute alloys based on aluminum possible to determine the contributions to the electrical line and point defects and to establish:

  • The appearance of an extremum in the temperature dependence of dislocation electrical resistivity related to the competition of elastic and inelastic electron scattering mechanisms in the short-range and long-range stress fields of dislocations respectively.
  • The kinetics of formation and annihilation of point defects at low temperatures, which are independent of the type centers of the elastic scattering of electrons, including a high magnetic field.

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