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Quantum oscillation effects and connectivity of Fermi surface sheets of metals at magnetic breakdown

Results of the study of quantum oscillations of the kinetic coefficients in terms of magnetic breakdown obtained for dilute alloys of Al-Y and Zn-In, indicate that the doping metals properly chosen type and concentration of impurities lead to a change in geometry and size of sheets of the Fermi surface.



  • Alloying yttrium aluminum, ie, isovalent metal from the much larger ionic radius, resulting in an increase in the electronic part of the Fermi surface of Al, at least in the W-symmetry points of the Brillouin zone.
  • Introduction to the pure zinc indium impurity concentration up to 0.003% reduction in the angular range of existence of extremal trajectories of the hole in the 2nd zone, and removes the twofold degeneracy of the energy bands at points of high symmetry by reducing the likelihood of magnetic breakdown.

Field dependence of the transverse magnetoresistance of single crystals of pure Al (curve 1) and dilute alloy Al +0.001% Y (curve 2).


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