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Research complex optical microscopy

optical microscope OLYMPUS GX41Research complex optical microscopy is based on an optical microscope "OLYMPUS GX41" which allows us to study specimens in bright field and plain polarized light. Optics designed Olympus, ensures the contrast and sharp image of the sample, and the ability to connect to your computer and then output the information on the screen allows you to easily work with images.






research complex optical microscopy

Optical microscope "OLYMPUS GX41".


Has the following characteristics:

  • Research in the transmitted and reflected light, the combined version
  • High quality UIS optics
  • Increase to 2000x
  • Swivel-bino and Trinocular Tube
  • Software that gives the possibility of determining the size of individual elements and the complex parameters of the structures studied
  • Used to study the microstructure of the material in the "light field" and the simple polarized light



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