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Multicomponent metal-oxide compounds

Double perovskite Sr2FeMoO6-δ

The main advantages of Sr2FeMoO6-δ (SFMO) for their practical application:

  • Large values of MR at high T and low fields H;
  • High values of Тс=400 - 470 K;
  • ~100% spin polarization of conduction electrons;
  • A simple crystal structure, and sufficient thermal stability for use in various types of highly sensitive magnetic field sensors.



Structure Sr2FeMoO6-δ

In the superstructure ordering cations Fe3+ and Mo5+ alternate in a checkerboard pattern in the tetragonal unit cell I4/m.

Upon cooling the samples SFMO phase transition from Fm3m to I4/m at temperatures around 420 K. In the tetragonal structure [FeO6] and [MoO6] octahedra are constantly revolve around the crystallographic axis С.



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