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Development and creation of powerful cryogenic electromagnetic systems (superconducting and hyperconducting windings)

A physical model of current flow in from high-purity aluminum giperprovodnike, taking into account the effect of the magnetic stray field of the self-field coil, which allowed to optimize the design of the winding because of its banding on the mechanical loads and flow-through cooling with liquid hydrogen. When choosing a winding structure the main criterion is to protect the plastic guide from the radial and axial strain. This is ensured by a special coil banding and strong material allows to maintain the high conductive properties of high-purity aluminum and provide a current density of 200 A/mm. Obtained at this stage of the assignment results confirm the fundamental possibility of generating strong magnetic fields in compact solenoidal systems promising for use in power systems on board spacecraft.

Area of application:
On-board power supply systems, mostly in the space vehicles.

Main technical characteristics:

Power 1 MWt
Frequency 400 - 600 Hz
Phase number 3
Operating temperature 4 - 28K


- diameter
- height


390 mm
320 mm
Mass 70 kg
Mass / energy ratio 0.07 kg/kWt

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