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Innovative activities in Republic of Belarus
Friday, 13 April 2012 15:26

Republic of Belarus - Geographically

Source: www.belarus.by

Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe, shares borders with five countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
The area of ​​Belarus - 207 600 km2.
The country has no access to the sea, but due to the geographical position of Belarus is an important trade and transport corridor between Europe and the CIS countries.

Location of Belarus on the map of Europe.

Location of Belarus on the map of Europe.

Republic of Belarus - Economically

Source: www.worldvaluessurvey.com

Investigations Ronald Inglehart, showed that Belarus for 2005-2008, as most of the CIS countries struggling for their survival, while Western nations that have already embarked on the path of innovative development work to improve the quality of life.

Belarus hasn't an innovative development and is still fighting for its survival, as most of the CIS countries.

Changing Mass Priorities: The Link Between Modernization and Democracy (Perspectives on Politics June 2010, vol 8, No. 2, page 554).


What you need to navigate to an innovative way of development?

  1. Scientific and intellectual potential
    • National Academy of Sciences
    • Research laboratories, centers and institutes
    • Universities
  2. Continued growth of the participants in the intellectual
  3. In Belarus more than 50 institutions of higher education that produce over 100 000 people, 173 PhD's at 285 specialties in science and 50 Doctors of Science.
  4. Demand for innovation
    • Self-employed
    • Enterprises Free Economic Zones (FEZs)
    • State-owned enterprises


Support for innovation

  • Centres of Business Support
  • State Programme
  • Marketing and publishing centers


The innovative structure of Belarus

  • National Technology Transfer Center
  • Free Economic Zones
  • Technopark at Belarus
  • The organization of innovation in higher education
  • Belarusian Innovation Fund
  • Information support for innovation


The main directions of high-tech development and knowledge-based industries

  • Maintaining and expanding sub-sectors related to the production of laser, optical and electronic technology
  • Promote the development of modern software and information and communication technologies
  • Increased knowledge-intensity of GDP and providing a more effective interaction between researchers, developers and manufacturers of new products
  • Creation of an enabling environment for the integration of high-tech enterprises in the Republic of Belarus in the multinational corporation
  • Creation of new jobs for highly skilled (primarily graduates of Belarusian universities) and to prevent their departure for work abroad
  • Increase in exports and attract foreign investment
  • Increased international prestige of Belarus as a country, creating advanced knowledge-based engineering samples


The main directions of international scientific cooperation

  • Bilateral cooperation with foreign countries
  • The cooperation within the Union State
  • Co-operation with countries - participants of CIS and EurAsEC
  • The development of multilateral cooperation and collaboration with leading international organizations and centers
  • The development of modern information and communication base
  • Attracting foreign investment and high-tech development of products export


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