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Alexander Pavlenko
Alexander Pavlenko

Alexander Pavlenko

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2002 - 2007 Higher education, technical. Belarusian State University, Department of Physics. Specialty: physicist and engineer.



2009 – present Junior Researcher, Laboratory of Cryogenic Research SSPA "Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of Belarus"
2007 – 2009 Laboratory engineer radiation exposure of the Joint Institute of Solid State Physics and Semiconductors, National Academy of Sciences



  • Application of swift heavy ions tracks to create nanostructures on the basis of the traditional silicon technology and flexible polymer films;
  • The study of the morphology of nanostructures Si/SiO2/metall using optical methods, atomic force, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy;
  • Development of new types of magnetically spinpolyarizovannyh structures based on alternating layers of ferromagnetic and nonmagnetic materials in the pores in the dielectric layer on the semiconductor;



  1. Gurskii L.I., Telesh E.V., Kalanda M.A., Paulenka A.A., Ukhov V.A., Formation of BI-substituted yttrium iron garnet nanosized films // International Conference "Nanomeeting-2011" ("Structure, Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures"), 26-29 May 2009, Minsk, Belarus, p. 511-514.



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